Season 5 of Arrested Development will be split in half, with 8 episodes debuting on Netflix on May 29th and the rest of the season coming out at a later date. After giving us a remixed season 4, Netflix will soon release season 5 of the classic cult sitcom Arrested Development. The streamer recently dropped a trailer confirming the release date, while previewing all the hilarity to come as the Bluths get their long awaited “new new beginning.”

After a fragmented season 4 featuring not a lot of character interaction, season 5 will get back to the old Arrested Development family dynamic (they promise). In other words, everyone will once again be getting on each other's nerves. Expect mass chicken dances galore. Plot-wise, the season revolves mainly around a murder-mystery involving Lucille 2, who went missing during season 4, leaving most of the other characters under suspicion for having caused her disappearance.

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